Players Entering The Gaming Table Must Bet Within The Prescribed Time

Pai Gow Poker Rules, Ruby Camp

Introduction: Pai Gow Poker is a combination game composed of ancient Chinese and the famous Pai Gow game. The game uses 53 cards including the Joker Card and each player will get 7 cards.

In the case of playing the game and after the transaction is completed, the player can choose to press the “Auto” button, and the system will automatically arrange the cards according to the rules of the game. Players choose whether to display cards based on the card characteristics provided by the system.

Warning: Cards automatically organized by the system may not be the best card style. However, it can provide a reference for players. If the system automatically organizes the cards, no responsibility is assumed whether the cards are lost or won.

Bet type

Players can choose to enter the game room. Each room has different limited bets and different prize purchases.


Players entering the gaming table must bet within the prescribed time (when placing a bet, if the previous game resulted in a win or lose), the player’s bet limit on the table is sufficient). In the previous game, there were no wins and draws. Player wants to buy quantity = table quantity / 2 If the timeout is not processed, it is considered that no bet is placed. After selecting your bet, proceed to the bonus step. Trading and issuing cards

Card issued

Initially, all 53 cards should be cleared and one card should be dealt in rank order. After all players participating in this game decide who gets the bigger card, and then get the card back, they will issue the cards to the players. (Start with the player with the largest number of cards and issue the card counterclockwise) Each person will receive 7 cards.

Players must arrange cards within the time limit. Organize the cards into “the first set of two cards. The second set has five cards and press (Issue). The correct card layout is that the second set cannot be smaller than the first set. (Second / first group) system Wrong card characteristics cannot be identified. If the time is up, players have not arranged their cards. The system will automatically arrange that card members must pay based on the winning result of this game. (The system does not take any responsibility)

Award decision

After the player (issues the card), the card appears and the cards are compared face to face. For example, there are color players: Compared to other players’ first set of cards, each player will use the first set of cards. And using the comparison of the second card to another second card, the player decides to win the showdown. If two players’ cards win, all other players are considered “all winners”; if there are two Players have fewer cards than other players. Consider all losers. If two players’ cards cannot be won by the other player and not less than the other, then that player is considered a “draw” and must play the next game. If there is a draw and no one can “win all”, the loser can purchase the purchase amount (amount = for example, player A has a second card, the first is a normal card; + KQ, player B is a pair, + 89 player C It is a straight card.

Ak player D is a full house + JQ player D has the largest first set of cards. But the second card is smaller than player C. Player D has the second highest card. But the first set of cards is smaller than player C In this case, the eyeball game does not have a “all win”, player A’s first set of cards is larger than player B and player D. But the first and second sets are smaller than player C. Consider all losers, player B has the first Two cards, bigger than player A. But both cards are smaller than player C and player D. Consider all losers. The two cards of player C and player D cannot win at all, and must not be less than all other players consider equal.

There was no winner in that eye. (Lost customers can buy eyes) Can be in entertainment mode. If the raffle customer can keep the bet amount and refund it

But the failed customers cannot collect the return amount but there are still no winners. The number of customers lost at that moment will be included in the midfield. All customers can place bets and continue playing the game normally. After the game is over, the winner will receive a total midfield.